Nirvana Ekşili Houses | Rustic Detached | Nature Homes in Antalya

Project Descriptions

Nirvana Ekşili Houses | Rustic Detached | Nature Homes in Antalya

Nirvana Homes in Ekşili are designed for natural house concept with rustic detached houses in forest and awesome Ekşili Lake view. The nature homes and rustic houses are only 30 km to Antalya city center.

Nirvana Ekşili Houses are located in Döşemealtı municipality on the north of Antalya. Natural living concept houses will be built in rustic style in detached gardens, surrounded with pine woods and olive trees at the back cliffs with fantastic view over Ekşili Lake.

Ekşili Lake is located 350 meters above the sea level, lies in the middle of the pine forest and olive trees in the heaven like nature, with no humidity and no noise, but in the convenient transportation distance to the centre.

Rustic and natural detached homes in Ekşili have been designed to be built on the cliffs’ terrace, extending from lake to the mountain on 12.265 m2 private land. The project consists of detached houses in the private garden which have been carefully designed for eco friendly concept to preserve the natural environment.

Environmental Friendly Project has 24 detached homes in private gardens. Natural materials, such as roof tiles, stone cladding and natural wood at the exteriors and facades to be used in order to match the environment. After completion of common use facilities like; veranda, garden fences, car park, pathways, landscaping works, the house owners may apply their own interior designing according to their personal taste. Interior designing works can be applied either individually or like in the sample house in the project.

For those who want to live in a house with healthy and natural environment, Nirvana Ekşili Houses is right project. This project is only 3 km to the new high way project of Antalya which shortens the access to Antalya city centre. There are many outdoor activity alternatives around Ekşili Lake such as; trekking, hiking, climbing, mountain bike, fishing, visiting archeological sights in the neighborhood, local olive and oil production, wine harvesting, exploring endemic species around, gardening.

Due to all above listed reasons, we believe that, Ekşili will be one of the most popular residential areas in the near future. We invite you and your acquaintances to negotiate for this favorite investment in the future. If you think you deserve a peaceful life, Nirvana Ekşili houses will be waiting for you. Now it is easy to reach Nirvana.


Location Antalya, Ekşili
Status Off Plan
Type Villa
Rooms 4 +1
Unit m2 150 m2
Unit Number 24
Total Land 12000 m2
Distance to Beach 40 km
To Airport 38 km
To City Center 30 km



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